Visualisation Platforms, Dashboarding & MES

Streamline your workflows with efficient operations management

What We Do:

    • Design SCADA Architecture on UI/UX
    • Design, Install and Commission of Software Licenses, Servers and Workstation
    • Command and Control Wall
    • Configuration of Alarms, Events and Historical Data
    • Configuration of Standard Reports
    • MES and ERP Integration
    • Dashboarding of Key Indicators and Integrated Data

AVEVA - Unified Operations Center (UOC)

AVEVA Unified Operations Center offers a broad view of process and infrastructure operations with the ability to combine information from many different sources into a single graphical environment for enterprise visualization.

Whether your interest is a combination process metrics, maintenance analytics, engineering documentation, financial performance, or anything in between, Unified Operations Center is the foundation for real-time operational performance management.

With a centralized view helping to make informed decisions, your teams are provided with an enhanced layer of intelligence where data works in service to organizational goals to guide strategic operational activities from end-to-end.

AVEVA - System Platform (Formerly WonderWare)

AVEVA System Platform’s Operations Management
Interface (OMI) brings a responsive operations
visualization framework to industrial organizations
seeking an innovative new way to build rich, modern
user experiences across all device formats through
context-aware and reusable content. Offering powerful
experiences for both engineers and operators, AVEVA
System Platform provides the foundation for a truly
effective performance management system that
reinforces positive outcomes. Achieve up to 80%
reduction in engineering effort to create applications
using templates, objects, and out-of-the-box content,
and expand your operator situational awareness,
increasing effectiveness up to 40%, by identifying and
resolving abnormal situations five times faster than
traditional HMIs.

AVEVA - InTouch Unlimited

AVEVA InTouch HMI empowers customers and system-builders to build connected operations and increase productivity and efficiency. It connects to any device to provide real-time visualization anytime, anywhere.

InTouch Unlimited ushers in a new industrial operations experience through the power of web and mobile apps, enabling more connected operations and connected workers. It includes rich reporting and analysis capabilities for operational and compliance reporting through AVEVA Reports for Operations and AVEVA Historian. AVEVA Historian is only included in the InTouch Unlimited Premier edition.

When you need a modern HMI that does more for your business, we’ll take you there.

AVEVA - PI System

AVEVA PI System is the leading solution portfolio for collecting, enriching, storing, and accessing reliable, real-time operations data. AVEVA PI System is vendor-neutral and purpose-built for industry.

We designed AVEVA data management solutions for quick deployment and fast return on investment. Because decision-makers in critical industries need answers fast, AVEVA provides self-service data visualizations, trending, and analytics.

Siemens - Simatic PCS 7

SIMATIC PCS 7 has already proven itself to countless satisfied customers and in tens of thousands of installations worldwide. The system architecture stands for standardized and efficient engineering. The control system excels as a genuine all-rounder and, when the right applications are integrated, ensures maximum reliability in plant operation. Straightforward visualizations also support intuitive operation. SIMATIC PCS 7 is already powerful today, but also serves as a gateway to the digital future of process control technology thanks to an innovative hardware platform!

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