Our Story

Macro Integration brings over 20 years ago of experience to become one of the leading system integrators in Singapore. Since our founding, our team has grown across the region to build stronger connections worldwide and provide more integrated solutions.

We are committed to understanding every client’s needs and systems so we can propose better solutions to address key challenges and improve productivity.

We consult with our clients to advance automation and update tech for their growth into leaders of their respective industries. Beyond efficiency, we help organisations on their sustainability journey by finding innovative energy-saving solutions especially for the industrial sector. We are proud of our proven track record of completing every project and meeting all client objectives set out at the start of every project.

Trust us to be your partner to save money and time on your daily operations.

Our Commitment

By pursuing the corporate goals of profitable growth and continuous improvement of our employees, we will:

  • Achieve top performance by attaining a strong competitive position in the market.
  • Ensure the delivery of world-class results.
  • Exceed customers’ expectations of quality and value.
  • Adapt to the evolving landscape to differentiate ourselves.
  • Remain attentive to every client at all times.

Our Vision

Control, Visualise, Orchestrate, Prioritising Customers’ Needs

Our Mission

To deliver the highest possible quality of service and customer satisfaction and to ensure that we are providing the latest scalable technical solutions to our customers whilst providing a stable and financially secure environment for our workforce.

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